A condition of the mind caused by an illness of the mind that produces behaviors that are irrational and often dangerous.  
There is a group called NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Visit their website for how to be part of a seminar they may he hosting in your state or city. They will help you recognize behaviors associated with mental illness and suicide. Then you will know how to move forward spiritually.

It is not only Abraham who has been counted righteous with God because of his faith. Your faith in God through Christ Jesus has also made you righteous with God.
Prayer: "Lord Jesus, I thank you that you have imparted your righteousness to me. I continue to pray that I will walk upright before you all the days of my life. Remember those around me who have heard the same gospel but who are still walking by sight and not by faith. Have mercy on them and save all whose hearts will turn from sin, in Jesus name. Amen.'
June 23, 2018

If you are reading this, you are alive, congratulations ! If last week you did not succeed, you have been kept alive, so try, try again. Some things are a bit harder to achieve and require much more than anticipated. But, be stalwart and thrive.  With God, you will succeed and prosper. Don't curse, don't swear, don't hate, don't give up. Give it another try. Thrive while you are alive !
May  6, 2018 

The way to see and do things that brings us no harm, even if takes hard work and great patience. The opposite of wisdom is foolishness, and nothing good comes from foolishness.

Prayer: "Lord Jesus Christ, I worship and adore you. You said that every good and perfect gift comes down from you. Wisdom is one gift that I need in abundance. Let your wisdom flow in my life to stop me from the time I have been wasting producing just wind. Let your wisdom be seen in my life by the decisions I make going forward. Show me your great love that comes directly from your heart to mine, in Jesus name. Amen."  
April 14, 2018

Sharing a problem or a blessing is not only a sign of love but also a sign of trust.
Prayer: "Lord, help me to be more open with my hands to bless, and with my heart to confess my struggles and be prayed for, in Jesus name."
March 21, 2018

A behavior, a conduct will change when the needed corresponding Biblical belief matches up.
When our belief lines up with the word of God, our behaviors and conduct will change.

Prayer: " Lord God in heaven, help my unbelief so that your words ring both in my ears and my heart and bring about the inward and outward changes you desire in me, in Jesus name."
February 13, 2018

You have heard it said " if you keep giving to the poor, you will become the poor ". Nowhere in the Bible does it say anything like that. Generosity is the diving nature of God. If you are not generous, ask God to touch your heart and remind you of the blessings of generosity. 

"Those who give to the poor will lack nothing, but those who close their eyes to them receive many curses."  Proverbs 28:27

Prayer: Lord God, you are in heaven. Your name is holy. I need you today to forgive me and do a work in my heart. I am struggling with giving. I have seen generosity as a sign of weakness and ridiculed those who are generous and constantly giving. Help me to overcome the myths and lies I have believed about generous people and reshape me to become one of those generous people so I can show your truth, in Jesus name". 
December 11, 2017

It's time to upgrade and present your best today. Tomorrow's best will take care of itself, by the grace of God. 
No time for a second rate version of yourself or of someone else. Put Christ first and step out in a winner's mindset.
Prayer:Lord God, our father in heaven, your name is  to holy. In the name of Jesus Christ your Son, while it is still today, help me to lift up my thinking and actions. Everywhere  I need to be spiritually or otherwise upgraded to show your glory in my life, let that begin to happen for me.  I confess that I have been satisfied with mediocrity but you have searched me and found me out. Lord, upgrade my life to an authentic Christian life filled with joy, wisdom, knowledge understanding, and the works that follow."  
November 20, 2017

When you have been praying and God sends or brings the answer to your prayers after confirming that it is indeed God, say "yes". 

MISHPOCHA: Reading Luke 21
I have heard this word used many times but I always thought it was Hebrew. No, it is Yiddish, of Eastern European origin. 
Its meaning is a great way to express what it means to be a Christian.
"an entire family network comprising relatives by blood and  marriage and sometimes including close friends; clan."
That is what makes Christianity so powerful and supernatural. Mishpocha. Christianity transcends biological relationships to supernaturally include all believers as one family under Messiah Jesus by His blood.
What blesses one, blesses all. What hurts one, hurts all. 

Prayer: Lord God, our Father,  I thank you for the work of the cross of Jesus  in our lives. Open my eyes and my heart to see, love, receive and respect all my brothers and sisters in Christianity in every tribe, every language, and every social situation. Help me to change my limited thinking of the body of Christ and embrace its far reaching message of Good News to people who do not speak and look like me. Deliver me from the prejudices and discrimination that I showed over the years to people who look and speak and worship differently than I. Thank you for bringing my heart back to your heart to love as I ought to love. Turn my heart to care about my Christian brothers and sisters who are being persecuted around the world while I sit comfortably in my nation without remembering that what hurts  them ought to be hurting me as well, and what is persecuting them may one day happen in my own nation.  This I ask and pray in Jesus name. Amen.   
September 23, 2017  Reading Luke 21


Most people are remembered for riches or wealth. But, God said that it is better to be thought of highly by people than to be rich or wealthy. 
We make money by hard work or by fraud. We earn esteem by God and of people by our character and holiness. 

Prayer: "Lord Jesus, thank you for your word. Thank you for the esteem you have given me with people around me. Continue to give me the grace to walk in that Godly esteem all the days of my life. Teach me wisdom and pour understanding into my heart so that I will always make decisions that will maintain that esteem in my life, in Jesus name,"
August 22, 2017


Your tears are God's creation in your internal being to rid your emotions and your mind of stress and wounds on the heart. Tears are like medicine to a wounded heart. They seem to have supernatural power to alleviate the pressure of that particular thing that makes your heart heavy and your body tense.
To shed tears, especially in prayer, is a powerful message to God about what it is you are unable to communicate with words. Many in the Bible shed tears after attempting to fix a problem or get through difficulties. Some shed tears of joy. Some shed tears when God worked a miracle. Some shed tears when a loved one died. Some shed tears when they worshiped God. Some shed tears in betrayal. Jesus shed tears because of the unbelief of those around Him.
Men and women should feel free to shed tears  when in the company of those with whom they feel safe. Tears are to some people are a sign of weakness. To some people tears are the sign of a person who is strong enough to be vulnerable. But, whichever is the case, however you view tears, they are what they are. Tears will flow when the situation at hand is just too much to bear and words cannot adequately describe your inner feelings.

"Lord Jesus Christ, when I cry out you, hear my prayers and see my tears and come and rescue me from the situations for which I have no human solution. "   
July 3, 2017

The Biblical truth and revelation of God's love that forgives our sins thru Jesus Christ and give us new life, new hope, and eternal life.   

Prayer: "Almighty God, set my understanding of your grace from your viewpoint so that I can tell others correctly about your grace, in Jesus name. Amen."
June 21, 2017

A great revelation of Scripture breaks the need to do any good thing at any time without taking time to discern if the time for the thing is the  ripe time, full of all that is needed to be fruitful. 
Prayer: "'Almighty God, forgive me of hastiness in my life, which has left me with delays, a lot of cleaning up, a lot of wasting time, and the amount of times I blamed others because I was doing the right time at the wrong time. Please give me wisdom and discernment. Help me to constrain myself to wait upon you for the ripe time that will bring more fruitfulness into my actions, in Jesus name."  
June 9, 2017

The act of God whereby you as a believer in God the Father through Jesus Christ the Son receives a new start (not a new chapter, but a whole new life). It begins by faith in Jesus Christ in the heart, turning from sin to righteousness, thereby affecting your present life and your future. 
Things are made new, so all things become new. The world is still the same and getting more evil each day, but the eyes by which you see the world gives you  a renewed, truer picture of hope thru Jesus Christ. Your mind responds by accepting your new life as God's plan is made clear to you.
Renewal begins with knowing and accepting the new person that you have been made thru your new relationship with God thru Christ Jesus.     

Prayer: "Lord Jesus, I thank you for a renewed life. Let your Spirit and your power bring me into the fullness of all that this renewed life holds for me.  Thank you for your mercies in  my life renewed every day. "
June 5, 2017

The inner work of the Holy Spirit of God who goes deep inside every Christian to remove the thoughts and pains of the old nature of sin and hurts.
He cleans you out with spiritual purging  so that the holiness and the newness of Jesus Christ can be seen in your body, soul, and spirit.

Prayer: "Lord Jesus, do a deep cleaning in me and make me what I have never been or what I have never known my self to be . Take away the painful, subconscious hurts and scars of my life before Jesus. Cleanse me of anger, unforgiveness, bitterness and self-deprecation caused by the many hurts that I have suffered since the day of my birth until today. Lord, let your joy be my strength and your love my anchor."   
June 1, 2017   

The word glory makes sense when attached to the name of the Lord God. It is a word that most people say gladly because it is a beautiful word. It is equally a powerful word. But, it is overwhelmingly a word that is not fully understood.  
Glory speaks of God's excellent reputation, His awesome presence, His brightness, His attributes and attitudes, His power in your life, His display of power in the heavens, on the earth, and in the seas. It speaks of what God has done and is doing now. Things too high and great for mankind to duplicate or replicate. 
But, one thing it does say in the Bible about God's glory is that it increases and goes from one degree to another in the life of all who believe in Jesus Christ and are filled with His presence, His Holy Spirit. 
2 Corinthians 3

Prayer: "Lord God, may all the faded glory of the past give way to the greater glory of you my Lord today in my life, in Jesus name. Amen."
May 22, 2017        

Most people like the fiery preacher. But the Teacher filled with the Holy Spirit brings a student to a lifetime of Godly excellence.
Prayer: "Lord Jesus, sharpen my gift in teaching so that I may impart to your people what continually blesses and equips them for a lifetime of excellence."
April 11, 2017

What is the best and when do you know if you or someone else has experienced or given their best? 
The more we talk to God and people, the more we learn to be His best. 
Best can only be found thru life in Jesus Christ.
March 29, 2017

In the Bible God uses words like "hundredfold", "increase on every side" and so on. But, in modern words there is a mathematical term that equates pretty much to what God has been saying all along. It is found it in the word "exponential". This giant word talks about rapid increase. 
Is that not how God works? Yes, it is written many places in the Bible where God groomed and grew someone exponentially to let others see and believe the reality and the possibility of God of the impossible.

Prayer: " Father, in the name of Jesus, visit my life and groom and grow me exponentially by your powerful hands that people will see You in my life and inquire about your goodness because of Your rapid grooming and grace in my life. I thank and praise you. Amen."     
March 13. 2017    

One of the most personal and human thing we do is to cry and shed tears. Some tears come from a glad heart.  Bitter tears come from a broken heart. Tears that seem unstoppable come from a broken life.  
Disappointments in life hurt and bring tears that burn when they run down your face. The deeper the hurt, the more the tears flow and you can feel the pain coming out with the tears.
Sometimes it feels like God is not listening to your prayers or acting on your behalf because you see no change.
You cry in prayer. You cry in the car. You cry at work. You cry at your desk.  You cry over your meals. You cry in bed. You cry in the shower. You cry in church. 
Your tears says that the matter about which you are praying still hurts or the outcome is not the one you hoped for. 

May this prayer below help you to get thru each day until your change comes. Jesus has seen your tears, knows your situation, and is ready to help you. Just ask Him from a humble heart to take you thru day by day until the answer comes and you can break thru with a smile. 
"Lord Jesus , let my tears before you be a sign that I am in a broken place and I desperately need your help. When I was making the decision that brought me here today, I was not thinking about the future. I was too bound up in the pleasures and the happiness I was experiencing at that time.
Those same decisions are now making me sick in my body and sick to my stomach. 
Lord, here I am. Forgive me. I don't know where to start. Take this burden.  It is too heavy for me.  Hear my payers, see my tears and help me. I have nowhere else to turn and no one else to share these  personal and painful things that make me cry.
Help me God. You are my only source. I thank and praise you, in Jesus name."
March 10, 2017       

"Every authority connected with chaos or confusion operating in my life, Lord Jesus destroy it and never let it rise in my life again. You are the Prince of Peace. Let your peace reign over every contrary power and contrary authority in my life and in family."  
March 7, 2017

There are some things that Jesus will expect you to do that you don't want to do. One of those is to forgive those who have hurt  and caused you pain. He has asked us all to forgive and allow another person to live without being overwhelmed by depression for asking and begging to be forgiven, but not receiving it.

"Lord God, help me today to embrace and act out of  the power and love in forgiveness over the bitterness and anger and hatred of unforgiveness. Help me to put other people's interests before my own and prove that I am truly a Christian. Open my eyes to see that forgiveness not only sets the guilty free to learn some important lessons for life , but it also frees me as well,  in Jesus name."  

God has been giving specific patterns for living, building, and bonding since the creation of mankind.
When we allow His set patterns to be applied to our lives, we set the corresponding results.
Most especially, as we apply the teachings of Jesus, even when we pass thru difficulties we see how set patterns from God get us thru life's tough moments.

 "Lord God, the pattern of life you intended for me to live and think, the pattern for me to succeed, the pattern for me to obey, help me to be still as you apply that heavenly pattern to my life. The pattern I have been using is not working. I need your divine help, in Jesus name"   
February 27, 2017

"Lord Jesus, get me out of this insane situation in which I feel trapped like a bird caught in a net. I feel alone as if no one cares about what I have been passing thru for way too long. Jesus, forgive my sins, cleanse me, give me a new heart and a perfect spirit. Deliver me. Help me to escape this type of  life I am living. Bring peace between me and you. Bring peace to my life. Let my life meet with what I have heard called your glory. I am not sure what your glory looks like, but because it comes from you, I know that it will  be awesome and the best thing that could ever happen to my life.
Lord, do this for me in this month of February.
 I ask for this escape in Jesus name."
February 1, 2017

"Lord, I have suffered much in life. Let this new day of my life be marked with enjoyment of your goodness, in Jesus name."
January 16, 2017 

"Lord, let the beautiful things of your kingdom be seen in my life.
In this new year, let my life shine and declare your glory, in Jesus name"
January 4, 2017

" Lord, release my family from all that binds and ties them to evil spirits, misery, misfortune, and a sense of hopelessness that has grasped my family and relatives for too long, in Jesus name."
November 15, 2016

"Lord, let my mouth speak truth. I understand that Satan is the inventor of lies. You are my God and my Father. Let my lips speak truth all the days of  my life. Let all forwardness depart from my lips, and let my lips speak of what is noble and declare what  is truth so that your Son, Jesus Christ, will always be glorified in my mouth."
October 7, 2016

"Lord, set my feet on the course that will not lead me to catastrophe. I have lived my life thinking that any time is a good time and any destination is good so long as it produces some good thing in my life. I have wasted much time pursuing my own reality. The pain is just too much. Lord Jesus, divinely intervene  in the misdirected course of my life. I surrender to your strong foundation and your course for my life, in Jesus name. " 
September 27, 2016

"Lord Jesus, I divorce the unproductive, useless things from my past. The twisted ways I spoke and thought. The delusions that brought me heartaches, embarrassment, sleepless nights and nothing to show for life. The poor decisions that left me financially, spiritually and emotionally bankrupt, I release them now and command them to depart from my life. I grab hold of what you are doing in my life today.  Move me forward, my Lard and my God, in Jesus name "
September 22, 2016

"Lord, let the powerful things that you have  planned for my life be birthed by your Holy Spirit."
September 5, 2016

"Lord, help me to respect and honor people even as I retrain myself to respect and honor you"    
July 6, 2016

 May God send you help all around and may those who have been assigned to help you bless you just the way God told them to. 
June 1, 2016

"Lord, let me increase and multiply in every good  thing in my life"
April 1, 2016

Don't let the world news dampen your kingdom viewpoint.
"Lord Jesus, let everything change but my ever-increasing faith in you and your everlasting power"
February 25, 2016

'I will trust you Lord that the long time it is taking for that specific thing to come to pass in my life is because  you are preparing me to meet and receive that promise the way you planned it."
January 19, 2016

I will trust and let God make the most of my life.
January 1, 2016

"Lord, you have given me the power to resist every temptation of Satan. For this I thank you and bless your holy name. Keep us from the path where the devil lays traps to wound and derail us. Anoint my eyes to see his schemes and reject him" 
November 18, 2015

"Almighty God, I have heard you. I have been giving people the dregs of my life and the unfit things that are just garbage. I will no longer give people the worst just because they are poor and needy. I now realize that my giving has been a reflection of the condition of my heart.
Thank you for your correction in my life, my character, and my attitude, in Jesus name. I truly thank you and worship you."

"..... selling even the sweepings with the wheat."  Amos 8:6
November 9, 2015    

Today's word is a prophetic word for you:
The same place where you are wrestling with God is the same place your descendants will come and speak with God and God will speak with them.
So, hold on to God's grace and God's justice.
Always put your trust in God and teach your children to teach their children to do the same. It will be well with you.
November 6, 2015

Word for the day:  SOVEREIGN GOD:
"Lord, in this new month, help me to embrace your sovereignty in areas of my life over which I have resisted your plan for my life. I have been frustrating myself thru incorrect understanding and wrong prayers over things that you have permanently set in order both for my life and for the world.
I am now understanding you, Sovereign Lord thru your word  and I am not afraid. You are for me, not against me. I love you for that and for much more, in Jesus name.
November 2, 2015

I will spend more time in devotion with the Lord Jesus Christ instead of trying to prove how devoted I am to the Lord.
Prayer:  "Lord, I now understand that living a life of proving  myself makes me defensive and easy to offend. I was going about our relationship the wrong way. Forgive me as I go forward by faith that I am fully loved by you" 
October 26, 2015

"Lord Jesus, you are reliable in every situation that we present to you, both the good and the evil.
Begin to work in me to weed out the attitudes and habits that make me an inconsistent, unreliable person.
Forgive me for living in such a way that I leave people disappointed without caring how my actions affect people who rely on me.
I surrender to the Holy Spirit to create in me a new heart and a steadfast spirit. I declare that it is time for me to bless and not stress people who depend on me in the church and in the workplace. Jesus, I earnestly seek you to permanently break this useless stronghold in my life, in Jesus name"  October 2, 2015

Prayer: My eyes are open to you, Jesus. Let me see what I have been blind to so that my decisions please you and bless my life.
Let scales fall from my eyes. Give me vision so that I can see and understand the works of the LORD. You that did it for the Apostle Paul, remember me Lord, and do the same for me.
Sept 25, 2015

"Lord Jesus,  My own strength keeps failing me and embarrassing me. Take over and let your power in me show instead of my own strength.  I love you and I depend on you, my Lord and my Savior." Sept 10,2015

"Lord Jesus, thank you for your book of Proverbs that has been teaching me how I was created by you to think and act. Forgive me of spiritual and other forms of laziness. Give me more wisdom and understanding to live and prosper by diligence and hard work in all that you set before me. Thank you for your gracious love to me and your patience towards my shortcomings. With you, I am victorious and serious. To you be all the glory and honor and praise forever. Amen."  September 2, 2015  Proverbs 12:24  

Prayer: My Holy Father in heaven and my God, in the name of Jesus, I pray for the leading and guiding in my life by your precious Holy Spirit. Lead me away from lies and harm and bring me into all your truth and safety.  

Whether in prayer, in requests, or in business, communicate your needs or requests clearly. When you pray to  God about things that are vital to your physical or spiritual life, it blesses our own soul to hear ourselves communicate clearly with God. When God answers, our faith is built, and He gets all the glory.  

Lord, teach me to number my days so I don't live like tomorrow is promised to me. Deliver me from pride, ego, fear, anger and unbelief so I don't live a frustrated life and die with bitterness and unforgiveness clogging the arteries of my life. Psalm 90:12
August 3, 2015

Lord Jesus, teach me to give honor to whom it is due more than I seek to receive it.
July 27, 2015

Almighty God who created all things, create in me a pure heart to embrace the great things you have for my life today without me filtering them thru the hurts of my past. Teach me to trust you and to trust those you have assigned to my life.
July 7, 2015

I will stop running from the things that Jesus has set in place to mature my faith and endue me with perseverance.  
James 1  June 16, 2015

Jesus, you  are the only one that can fill my hunger and the thirst of my soul. Have your way in me, O Lover of my soul.
June 12, 2015
Bread of Life

It's time for renewing your love for Christ. If it no longer feels like the dew in the morning to be with Jesus, it is time for re-dedicating your love and its intimacy with Christ.   June 8, 2015

Lord, if you are not going to bring me out of this challenge right away,
then let wisdom rise in me to transform the way I act and react in it.

Lord Jesus, I have been secretly running because I have been afraid of your power within me. That running stops today. With your help, I will walk in your power within me to do what you need me to do in this life.   Ephesians 3:20
May 6, 2015

Lord, help me to be more like you and be decisive when I speak and when I act,  after I have  heard from you.  May 5, 2015

"Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few.”
I Samuel 14:7        May 4, 2015

Bigger is not always better. It's not in the size of what one has, but their large heart. Desire what brings people close to love and care for each other.
Ruth 3

There are many kinsmen redeemers who can redeem with a sandal, but only one Kingsman Redeemer that can redeem by blood and love.  April 27, 2015 

Be very grateful and show God's riches in your life. Only do it with humility. Let people see that God prospers and cares for His people.  Deuteronomy 2:7

Keep the vows you made to the Lord or to your church when you were happy or when you were in trouble. Numbers 30:2

'God is not a human who lies or a mortal who changes His mind.When He says something, He will do it; when He makes a promise, He will fulfill it. Look, I am ordered to bless; when He blesses, I can’t reverse it.
Numbers 23:19-20

Don't  be so quick to throw people away just because they don't  match your expectations or because they say you don't match their expectations. Allow time to grow love, not enmity. Like green grass on hard soil, sow seeds of growth, not roots of bitterness. 

You may feel knocked down. But prophesy to your soul.
"My soul will magnify His name for the strength of Israel is my victory  "
March 6, 2015

I will not bring unpleasant consequences upon my life by speaking evil of others, even if what I say is true.  March 3, 2015

I will allow my heart to be more compassionate to somehow win more to Jesus February 16, 2015

OBEDIENCE: I choose to obey the Lord not because I am afraid of Him, but because I fear Him (reverence, worship and trust Him).
He is establishing my life. February 10, 2015

Almighty God, let my life be set apart like Goshen. Let people see and know that I serve no other god. Let the abundance of your blessings be seen in all that you set before me, in Jesus name. Cause a visible distinction to be seen in my life, my Lord and my God, in Jesus name.    February 5, 2015

Lord, let the healthy and good things of life mark my life and wipe away whatever looks like the days when I lacked.

Today I give the Lord the freedom to break that stronghold that has been binding my life. I understand that when Christ breaks that one stronghold many others will be broken miraculously and immediately. I will no longer deceive myself by calling this negative hold on my life a mere character flaw. I will use my spiritual armor to defeat what has been limiting me. ELEVATE!
Jan 15, 2015

I will allow myself to draw near to God and become a messenger for His grace.
January 8, 2015 

Meditate on this word today: The Lord is my Shepherd. I lack nothing. Psalm 23
January 7, 2015

Obey God.
Disobedience leaves you naked but God's grace will cover you and usher you back into His glorious presence.
January 2, 2015

Elevate ! My God will elevate and shepherd me.
January 1, 2015 

"He who has skill in a matter will succeed."
You will prosper with the help of God and with skill at what you are doing. No more mediocrity. Spend time understanding and perfecting what you are asked or called to do. 
Proverbs 16:20    December 29. 2014

You are frustrated because lately it seems that God is so far away. it seems that He is blind to your cause and deaf to your prayers. No, God is right there with you. Reach out and embrace His immediate presence.
He told us that He will never leave us or forsake us. God cares about the details of your life. He will help you. Have faith in God.
Dec 18, 2014

Declare: I forgive all who have offended me as God forgives my own sins and offenses against Him. Dec 17, 2014

I will serve the Lord who gave me life, and that in abundance.
Dec 16, 2014  Matthew 23

Lift up the name of Jesus.

The great and awesome Son of the Living God
The Savior of the world.
The holy and righteous God
The covenant keeping God with whom no one can be compared
Not God among gods, but God above gods.
The One who alone is God.
The One whose mighty acts bring us to our knees in awe
The glory of our lives
The One who cares for all creation.
The protector of His people.
The Great Shepherd of the flock
The Ancient of Days
The One who has all power and glory
The King that will reign forever
The One who gives increase to His people
The One who gently ushers the saints from the grave to heaven
The Rose of Sharon
The Divine vine
The bread of heaven sent from heaven
The sacrifice on Calvary
The atonement that brought us peace with God
The unchangeable changer
The One with power to enter your life and change the
negative with one word or one touch
 The fulfillment of the Law and the prophets
The One who shows compassion to the widow and the fatherless
The One who hears the cry of His people and sends help
The healer of the sick
The forgiver of sins
The glory of heaven 
The One whose splendor is like the fresh dew on earth
The One who takes counsel from no one
The One whose work cannot be destroyed
The One who brings one down and sets another in places of honor  
The One who declares and no one can reverse
The miracle working God that heals, delivers and sets people free

Lift up His name forever

Pastor Pinnock  Dec 12, 2014      

Minutia: Whether or not I believe that God is involved in the minutia of my life, I definitely know that God is concerned with those trifling details that collectively affect my overall life.
So, Father today I ask for and welcome your involvement in the minutia so I won't descend into compound issues that may impede my progress.  Dec 9, 2014

I will live my life and conduct my affairs in godliness that God will move on my behalf. He will make mountains get out my way like rams who are scared and stop blocking my way. He will make hills  dance like little lambs as they skip out of my way and stop impeding my progress. December 8, 2014

Be watchful over what God has committed to you. Refuse to allow the spirit of  discouragement to turn your heart contrary. December 6, 2014

7 things every Bible teacher to all age groups  should know. You are blessed as  you are doing for the Lord.
These7things are vital. You definitely want them in your ministry and in your motives. God is already rewarding you, and there is so much more to come.  Keep exalting the blessed name and kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

1. Let the Holy Spirit work in your life to consistently produce the type of fruit that you are asking others to produce
2. Exhibit holy behavior and Godly character in and outside the church
3. You are subject to sin as your disciples. Judge with discernment, not hypocrisy.
4. What are your motives for teaching the word of God?
5. What direction are you taking with the word of God?
6. What results are you expecting?
7. Are you conflicted by the truth of the Scriptures or are you clear about the word of God?     Pastor Pinnock     December 4, 2014

I will obey the Lord and become a key player in the history of the Church in my time and receive the uncommon blessing of the obedient. Dec 3, 2014

Your breakthrough will rise up and find you when you divorce yourself from the thing called "unwillingness"  December 2, 2014

"My gifts will not go with me to the grave unused.  Lord, open doors for my gifts. I will use them will all your power.    November 24, 2014

Rise up now from discouragement:  Pray and commit all things into the hands of Almighty God :  Lord, for the one thing that didn't work out for me, replace it with two that are infallible   November 21, 2014

Someone reading this: There are some things that God will do for that will make people wonder if you alone serve God. 

Keep your eyes on Christ who gives life, not the one who robs.  November 7,2014

"For to the man who is good from [God’s] viewpoint He gives wisdom, knowledge and joy; but to the sinner He gives the task of collecting and accumulating things to leave to him who is good from God’s viewpoint." Ecc1 2 11/3/2014

While others celebrate dead things and the kingdom of darkness, I and my household celebrate the Living God and His kingdom of light.
Hallelujah to the Lamb of God.   October 31, 2014

Dedicate the fruit of your seed and the seed of your fruit to the Lord today.
October 23, 2014

Have talk with the Lord today about unfinished business that is critical to your success or prosperity.  October 14, 2014

Where vision is not constantly changing, people follow more powerfully and productively.  October 13th, 2014

Spiritual shift:
PRIORITIES--When Jesus is number one among our many other PRIORITIES.
Shift to HIERARCHY: When we submit to His exalted Lordship over our lives and above all, not merely among all. Everything then flows from the HEAD down, and our lives move victoriously because of Him, not just including Him.

To make today count, be bold and courageous. Do something that  counts,  something that really blesses someone else. October 6, 2014

I  will walk in His  power. I expect His miracles. i live a life of favor thru Jesus Christ.   September 18, 2014

If the thing is not working, don't wring your nose until it bleeds. Tweak it. Oil it. Change it.Get rid of it. God has so much more available to you. 
September 18, 2014

My Lord and my God, I believe you .  September 16, 2014

God will never do anything to harm or confuse me. He is my Eternal Protector and my Everlasting Peace. Sept 9, 2014

Today, I have an even greater love for the Lord than I did yesterday. Sept 9, 2014

When you don't know WHAT to do, turn away from the WHAT and call upon the WHOM. September 4, 2014  

I know the benefits of God. I will not blaspheme Him with my mouth because I am passing thru this test and trial.. I know it  has only come to prove that I have faith in God and that my God has faith in me.     September 2, 2014

You must believe the word of God, even when what you see looks dismal.
He made great promises to all who believe. Whatever you are passing thru, find the place in the Bible where He says what He has promised to do for you in that situation. Then, make it your pillow, like Daniel in the lion's den. Psalm 91

The lack of Godly judgement I exercised last week will not receive power from me to squeeze the life out of me this week. God will surely help me and show me great mercy to overcome, in Jesus name.    August 25, 2014

As I sow generously into the kingdom of God and bless people, I believe God for the supernatural in my life and that of my loved ones. God will remember me. His blessings will forever overtake me. August 19,  2014

Jesus Christ is the truth upon which my life stands forever. Him only will I worship, and to Him only will I turn for permanent solutions to my life's challenges.    August 15, 2014

I receive the blessings of my faith and actions in what Jesus has spoken to the Church.   August 5, 2014

The Lord will help me. I am determined to walk in the fullness of God. I yield my mind to perceive the leading of the Holy Spirit, to receive the undiluted word of God as a stronghold, and to achieve the total transformation that God wants to do in my life today.      Romans 12:2   August 1, 2014

God will roll away the stone of limitation from your heart. Don't  blame..Appropriate.  Receive every blessing from the cross into your life and you will breakthrough from past crises and limitations. It's time to walk as someone whose curses have been cancelled  by the cross.    July 29, 2014

Today, I will make better choices than even the great ones I made yesterday.  There is always room for improvement in my life. That is what the power of God is doing everyday. I know it is the work of the Holy Spirit within me. July 18, 2014

The merciful  deeds of the Lord are my portion and thru them my life life will overflow with prosperity.    July 15, 2014

n building your inner circle surround yourself, like Jesus, with people who love you and people whom you love.  Prayer: Lord Jesus, you have given me abundant life. Add to that abundance people who will strengthen my life and those to whom I will be free to add value."  July 10, 2014

Lord, touch my heart today to pray for people who are passing thru struggles for which they have no immediate solution. Touch the hearts of people to plead my own cause the way the people did in Matthew 18:31. Let us all see our breakthrough soon, in your precious name. Amen.  

Be willing to pray for uncommon favor and the works of the Lord to help you abound and lift you above the circumstances and the situations that trouble your life. Then, be willing to wait upon the Lord to move behind the scenes until you see the answers to your prayers right in front of you. It's a matter of your faith, whether tiny or great. Have faith in God. Matthew 7:8  The blessings of God are fully available to the children of God.  June 30, 2014

Faith stands up strongest not when the crowd is cheering but when the crowd is tearing.  June 23, 2014

Happy Fathers Day!
Since we cannot have a mother unless there was a father, and we cannot have a father unless there was a mother, Happy Fathers Day to you as we equally celebrate fathers as we do mothers. Enjoy your day of love from your wife and children. By Monday, it's back to the Daddy-do-list. Love you fathers.   You are some of God's best.

Though it feels like you are walking thru the valley of the shadow of death, have no fear of evil. You are not there alone. God is with you in full force: rod, staff, goodness, and mercy. A full table and victory have been prepared you. Just trust God and and obey. If you will believe and not doubt God that works miracles and God that  loves you, you will see a miracles in your lie today.   May 27, 2014

I receive from the Lord today His best, even as I also give Him my best. I will work with all of God's power in me. Ephesians 6
May 22, 2014

When all others and all else bring you temporary comfort, trust God for what is permanent. Anyone who would give His only Son in exchange for your salvation and eternal life has proven that He is worthy of all of your trust in earthly matters. Reading from Ephesians on this awesome love of God. May 21,2014 

Word for the day :
God's love made me who I am today  May 18, 2014   Ephesians 

Proverbs 24:30-34
"I passed by the field of the lazy man and the vineyard of the man lacking sense.
There it was, overgrown with thistles; the ground was covered with nettles,
and its stone wall was broken down. I looked, and I thought about it;
I saw, and I learned this lesson: “I’ll just lie here a bit, rest a little longer,
just fold my hands for a little more sleep” —and poverty comes marching in on you, scarcity hits you like an invading soldier."  April 24, 2014

I will bless the Lord at all times. It was He who took my sin, my shame, and God's wrath for me on himself on the cross. April 15, 2014

Lord God, overwhelm me with wisdom and establish my heart in understanding. Lord, that is what I need today to move past the grave errors of yesterday.
April 10, 2014

My house is blessed by God and forever walk in His righteousness.  Psalm 3:33
April 8,2014

God loves you. His love for you was more than your birth. His love was shown for you on the cross where Jesus died after taking your sins and their judgement so that you may have the right to eternal the day you believed.

Don't judge a child of God. To some, that person may not seem like much. But, but to his or her Father in heaven, they are powerful and weighty.
March 28, 2014

I am an adopted child into the Kingdom of God. My Father is great and powerful  in my life. I can do things well thru Him that loves me.  March 28, 2014

"Small sex" ---sex outside marriage brings more pain than pleasure. Wait on the Lord. God's way brings pleasure, not pain. Think about things in a big way, as a child of God should think and act. March 24,2014

Whom you allow to design your life has power over your significance. 
March 24, 2014

Forgive that person who wronged you not because it is easy but because it is full of blessings for your life. To forgive is to love. March 4, 2014

Release your faith from the superficial to the supernatural. Feb 27, 2014

Your faith in God is the game changer. Matthew 17:20   Feb 25, 2014

I will run all my decisions thru the filter of God's word. If God says I can do it, it is as good as done. Greater is He in me to do greater things.   Feb 21, 2014

Our God alone is totally excellent and awesome. When I needed Him, He came and rescued me from my misdeeds. When my friends and my enemies were in trouble, I prayed for them and God helped them. God is totally awesome. 
February 19, 2014

Word for the day: My mind is made up. My thoughts line up with Christ. I will love. I will bless. I take authority over every useless thought and cast them down. I fill my mind with thoughts that strive for the good and the blessing of my life and those around me. I will not live a selfish life. Feb 17, 2014

God's power rests upon me in that area of weakness. People will see the glory of God overpower that weakness. I will be strong by the hand of my God. His love is my strength.  Feb 14, 2014

There are some things in you which God has made barren because their fruitfulness would be to your harm. But, there are some things that are barren that should be fruitful. They are hindering your growth in life. Your prayer should be that God would bring fruitfulness to the areas of your life that bring glory to Him and to your life.  February 12, 2014  

Resist the devil. Flee (scram, scoot, skidaddle, get out, do the 100 meter dash) run away from sexual sins. February 7, 2014   I Corinthians 6:18

I will serve the Lord by choice not chance.

Invite God into the details of your plan if success is your focus.
February 4, 2014

Today I will stay focused on Christ who is enough to save me and enough to keep me. When negative thoughts enter my mind I will bring them down and cast them out by declaring with my mouth that Christ is enough to do all I need done in my life. I will bless His holy name when my heart feels overwhelmed. Psalm 61
January 31, 2014

God can use anyone. Yes. But, God can't use those whose hands are already so full that all they have no room left to grasp what He wants to release into your hands.

Lord, you have the Master Plan. I submit to your sovereignty and plan for my day.  Let your will be done thru me.

If you want to really help people see God and choose God, you must become a person of influence.Think influence and move to confluence.

When you see as God sees you will do as God says.

Hope this day finds you and your family in God's divine will, God's divine health, and God's prosperity, none of which will ever fail.

God's amazing grace abounds so you do not have to stay bound to the things that weaken your life and rob you of God's potential.
Declare that this year you will surrender all to God. His loving grace will break every chain and free you. 

God is bringing you into a season of wealth and prosperity because you intend to use it for His glory.  January  20, 2014

"What then shall we say? That the Gentiles, who did not pursue righteousness, have obtained it, a righteousness that is by faith; but the people of Israel, who pursued the law as the way of righteousness, have not attained their goal.
Why not? Because they pursued it not by faith but as if it were by works. They stumbled over the stumbling stone." Romans 9:30-32  NIV

It only takes one word from God to change your life. Jesus is that one WORD from God that changes lives. Psalm 144: 2-3 "He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, in whom I take refuge, who subdues peoples under me. Lord, what are human beings that you care for them,  mere mortals that you think of them? "

By God's grace, live a Christian life worthy of persecution.
December 19, 2013

If you are in over your head in difficulty, whatever is over your head has  you under control, under bondage, and under stress. Almighty God is able to deliver you and set your head back above every trouble in your life.

May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands. Psalm 90:17

It is with your CROSS that God will use you to work miracles, signs and wonders. There is no power where there is no CROSS.  November 27, 2013 

Today's  word: I know my purpose. Therefore, because of God's power in me the harvest will not spoil. Luke 10 

When someone's sour attitude hands you lemons, give them back sweetened lemonade. No charge.

Like Paul in Acts 28:28 God will not allow your faithful labor in the gospel to give birth to wind. Salvation will come to many thru your ministry. Get ready to shift to listeners and not just followers. Isaiah 26:18

Remain open to divine connections and divine appointments where God speaks to both parties setting into motion a genuine  move of God to His glory.
November 8, 2013

God will bring you into a season of fruitfulness and prosperity. Even in the kingdom of God, nothing good and lasting springs up overnight.
Seasons and time, seasons and time. But, as Psalm 1 promises, "Blessed is the man who does not..... and blessed is the man who does.....whatever he does shall prosper."   Reflections from Psalm 1
November 7, 2013  

I have heard it said that you can have it if you can dream it, and you can't have it unless you can first dream it. But, the Bible supports something else. Whether you have ever dreamed it or not, if God has it for you, you are about to be overcome with a mighty move of God sealed with blessings and high favor.   
Luke 1           November 3, 2013   

While you are watching the city and its inhabitants thru intercessory prayer, remember to watch your own vulnerable homes.  Nehemiah 7
October 15, 2013

In the name of Jesus, I will experience a BUT GOD kind of day. His grace and mercy will balance me on all sides, lift me up, and perfect everything concerning me.
    October 7, 2013

I will keep my eyes on where I am going to, not what I am going thru.
October 5, 2013

Continue praying for those under the power of Satan. Even though it looks like their actions have become worse, keep believing by faith that God is able to deliver and set them free.    October 4, 2013

God's positioning brought you to that promotion. Let every Sanballat and Tobiah know that you are not coming down.  October 1, 2013

There's nothing like asking someone for something and they give it to you just as you asked for it. You have to love it!    
 Sept 26, 2013

Today's confession: I understand that the use of the name of Jesus will draw people to examine my life more closely. Even if they don't believe in Him, I know that they are looking to see if I believe in the little they know about that great name.
   September 17, 2013

Word for the day:
Practice spiritual discernment then you will not be ensnared by the deceptive works of the devil. 
  September 13, 2013

Love is a powerful gift and a kingdom language. Love like Jesus until it comes across as a spiritual gift and not a struggle.  Pastor Monica    Sept 2,  2013

Prayer over your life:
Whatever I don't know to  do well, Lord God instruct me with discretion and teach me. Jesus you are wonderful in counsel and excellent in works. Thru you, I will demonstrate no less than that of a child of the kingdom  God.
August 31, 2013 

The motives for what I do must reflect Christ in me. I will do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit. I rely on the Holy Spirit to change my heart so that I will begin to  esteem others above myself.     Philippians 2:3
  August 2013

KINGDOM BUSINESS MODEL: Treat your clients with love. Put their interests above your profit margin. Your honorable treatment of one client will result in an overflow of blessings in your business. Pray for them, one by one. Work for them as if unto the Lord. Your reward is from Him. He will ensure that it all goes well with you.
   August 28, 2013

Word for the day: I do realize that it does matter how I live out my Christian life. 
   August 19, 2013   Philippians 2:12

I will train my tongue to speak what God has said. God's results are my heart's desire.

Today, I will draw water from the wells of His salvation to quench every dryness in my life.  Isaiah 12:3  August 9, 2013

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.   2 Corinthians 13:4

Word of power for the day: I will live beyond the hype and walk  in God's truth for my life.
Word over your life: My  hope in Jesus Christ will not go unfulfilled.
  July 13, 2013

We who love the Lord Jesus so much would rather hear and obey His quiet voice than be confronted by His voice of undeniable authority calling us out of or away from our rebellions back to His love.    July 8, 2013

So blessed to be living in prosperity you did not work for: body, soul and spirit.
Kingdom prosperity is being perfected in your life by Jesus Christ.
  July 2, 2013

God promised that the righteous will be delivered. Let the devil walk about the earth looking for whom to devour. Let him roam. Let him roar. He will have to dine elsewhere.   July 2, 2013

We are enjoying a prosperity for which we did not work nor could earn. How great is our God.   July 2, 2013

Today I will to do what is the opposite of being selfish.

Love is 100% of ministry. Power follows.    June 20, 2013

Faith allows you to go into the storm only to find out that it is never as bad as fear made it seem. In the storm, Jehovah Shama, God is there.
  June 19, 2013

There are several guests never to invite to moments of great decisions: presumption; assumption;pride;vengeance;covetousness;haste;neediness.

Anchor all your great decisions in what you really believe Christ is saying to you.
Speaking to you right from the heart.

The Lord will not share His glory with another. Therefore,I will not tempt my God. All glory belongs to Jesus.    June 10, 2013

"Deny yourself. Take up your cross and follow me."    June 5, 2013

Serve God beautifully with your entire life. Loving people is next in line.

Knowing the benefits of being with God increases your appreciation of Almighty God himself.     June 2, 2013 

In-telli-gence: harvesting information into yourself based on past experiences and occurrences as told by others, whether they apply or not.

Wisdom: harvesting God's specific knowledge, both present and future, with specific application and guaranteed results.  

Challenge for today: Whom Christ is to me is shown by my choices and my actions. People are not judging me. They are reading me.
Think about the bigger picture. Think " how will this decision I am about to make attack or advance the kingdom of God?"
Don't boast with pride and conceit like Moab. Boast about  Jesus.
Reading Isaiah 16

"I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit He prunes so that it will be even more fruitful. You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you. Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me."
John 15:1-4   May 21, 2013
Principle from Leviticus 25:4: We must respect the ancient principles laden with God's wisdom and pray for discernment about what to do each year of our lives so we don't deplete, but complete God's work set for us in His vineyard.
  May 7, 2013

Spend time perfecting your love for Christ, not proving it.

When not sure what to say to a friend passing thru a dis-eased situation, search for a Scripture, write it on a greeting card, e-mail, or even an index card and give or send it to them. Give them a chance to seek God for themselves.
May 2, 2013

Our gifts make room for us among great people. But, humility makes room for us at the throne of God.    April 30, 2013

"But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves." Malachi 4:2

Because you are allowing the Holy Spirit to be the greatest voice influencing your life, God is taking you into blessings in abundance.
   April 22, 2013

Today's declaration:
Thru Christ, I am a winner against every negative force that will come against my life.   April 17, 2013

The anointing of God is for getting us to the place of greater works, not greater worries.    April 15, 2013

Spend more time telling people about the goodness of heaven and the Lord. Hell will then not be enlarged for them.

Salvation is not "life insurance", but a solid life assurance and promise that Jesus who has begun this awesome work in you will complete it in you for the day of His return to bring you to himself for eternity.  

Don't give up now. God has already sent your answer. Like Daniel, there is war in the heavenlies concerning what God has already released concerning you.

Hold on by faith.  Monica Pinnock   April 12, 2013

May God flood your life with people who genuinely love you.
Monica Pinnock April 11, 2013

Sometimes you just have to be merciful and do what comes unnaturally, but what proves to be God's supernatural response thru you in that situation.
Monica Pinnock   April 9, 2013
Today's declaration:
I will walk in the excellent spirit with which God created me. No more will I allow people to reduce my excellent mind to think below God's best.

Rumors can be fully true or fully lies. On one hand it is repeating information. On the other hand it is spreading defamation.   April 8, 2013

Today's declaration:
Since I am no longer a babe in Christ, the many whinings and nose wipings, the cries to be picked up and pampered for simple things must cease from  my life.        I can do this thru Christ. who gives me the strength.

Grace is a friend exalting God's righteousness, not a loophole around God's holiness.
 Monica Pinnock   April 4, 2013

Today's declaration:
Today, I command my emotions to rise up and live above what is painful. Lord, I boldly declare that thru your righteousness and grace what is painful will not be  permanent in my life.

Don't count the number of darts of discouragements that are fired into your life. Live above them by Christ-mindedness and a life of praise.
Monica Pinnock  April 3, 2013

Raise your children in the fear of God remembering that the world is where they will live out their lives. Raise them in the image of God, not the image of man. You will enjoy them deeply as they grow into adulthood.   April 2, 2013

Adding value is precious. Being of great value is priceless.

Even the best of this life pales when compared to the coming glory.

Lord, for all whose hearts I have broken with my failed promises and callous attitude, I receive your forgiveness even as I seek their forgiveness. Thank you for the fullness of the fruit of the Spirit in my life.   April 1, 2013

Prayer of thanksgiving:
When your blood was applied to my heart, my spirit replied, "yes Lord. Finally I am free from sin and Satan's tortures and torments." Netzach Israel (the enduring strength of Israel) this is your doing, and we bless your holy name.
Monica Pinnock  March 29, 2013

Today's declaration:
I will overcome my difficult personality. Jesus, I submit my heart to you to remove the bitterness that taints my otherwise gentle personality.

Today's word of encouragement:
Your love amazes me. Today, I will show that love, even to the most difficult person I encounter. Lord,  help me to do that. Monica Pinnock   March 29, 2013

This word is for you reading this: "Cast your net on the right side of the ship, and you will find some...."  John 21:6  There is a NOW moment to cast and A NOW moment to draw.

Today, I step out with God  and I will strategically touch at least two lives with the gospel and for the gospel, by God's power. Monica Pinnock    March 27, 2013

Today's word of encouragement:
I command my soul to bless the Lord who comes in with all power to make my life a thing of splendor. Monica Pinnock   March 25, 2013

Today's declaration:
Lord,I will bless all whom you send to me knowing that even if it is my last that I use to bless them, my cup will supernaturally be refilled by you."  
Monica Pinnock  March 25, 2013

"I will use this pressing to position me for greater works. I can and will do all things thru Christ who gives me the strength."
Monica Pinnock   March  23, 2013

Lord, thank you for this awesome mind you have given me. Help me to use it more completely and for your glory.

Today's word of encouragement:
Lord, I give you all the glory, not for all, but in spite of all. In you I have victory.     

Of this I am sure. I receive strength for today to accomplish today's assignments.  
Monica Pinnock    March 22, 2013

Today's word of encouragement:
"Father, today I will walk in a wise, loving, and understanding heart. Though my emotions tell me otherwise, I want to see Jesus' best come out of all of this."

"There are some moments not worth reliving. There are some people not worth losing. Separate the moments from the people. Don't throw out the people because the water is murky." Monica Pinnock   March 21, 2013

Today's word of personal encouragement :
" Today I will smile. My God has turned my grief to joy"  John 16:22

Today's thanksgiving blessing:
"I thank God for the strength to work hard and the wisdom to work smart to earn an excellent income."

Teach, challenge, and make disciples as Jesus did. Remez (a hint)
Monica Pinnock  March 19, 2013

Live a life so deeply rooted in Christ that your eulogy will be true.
Monica Pinnock  March 15, 2013

There is no place you will put your foot today that God will not be there with you either to bring you out of it with a mighty deliverance, or bring you into it with great establishment.
Monica Pinnock  March 8, 2013 

Don't lose time proving yourself. Improve yourself.  Let the results speak for themselves.Monica Pinnock  March 8, 2013

Recovering all is a Scripture that must be understood and practiced in context. All is not worthy of being recovered. Many things are better left right where they are, in your past.  Monica Pinnock  March 6, 201