"This church is really welcoming to all people. Every Sunday the word is something you can relate to. I'm able to understand the word of God. This church has been great in bringing me closer to God."  Leola Green
"I've been with the church for over five years. I'm still blown away by the diversity of the congregation. God has really blessed us with so many ethnic backgrounds and nationalities. It just works beautifully."  David Delande
"RCC rocks in their music ministry. Judah Praisers sing their hearts out every Sunday morning. Really takes you to that special place of worship of God. "  
"What I love about Rehoboth is that this church gets into the gaps of the Scriptures."  Karen Garrett 
"At RCC we are taught weekly how to flow in God's word:" Bennie Garrrett

'Good preaching and ministering and testimonies" Nenubari 

"What I love about this church is how the people praise God and worship God so strongly" Wah 

What I love about the church is that everyone is friendly to each other. Everyone is welcomed to church, and I was not even nervous on my first day." Trey  

I love Rehoboth..Why? Because it simply fulfills my spiritual needs. I can eat healthy, go up into the gaps of the Scriptures and walk away with my soul fat. What more can you ask for? Spiritually rich is the only way to go, and at Rehoboth  you will definitely be filled with the organic word of God.
Karen Garrett