Welcome to Rehoboth Christian Church where people meet friends and everyone meets Jesus. 

Powerful God 
Phenomenal people
Perfect grace

Rehoboth is raising up a generation to love Jesus and to love people. We know that every time the gospel is preached, God's amazing grace is released. Your faith increases and a desire arises to be a part of what God wants done in the earth. 

Celebrate the passion of being alive in Christ and the miracles that await you.  

Our doors open to bring you the word of God, Spirit-filled worship, prayer, and to receive you from anywhere you come in the world.

We will present your children with a lifelong  learning experience in Youth church. They will enjoy Learning Christ teachings  for young people to live in Christ, in victory, and loving each other.

Welcome this coming Sunday at 9 a.m. for Sunday School followed by worship service at 10 a.m.  Meet people. Make friends. We encourage each other and develop sharper vision and bold ideas for the sake of Jesus Christ. 

Stay after service and say hello. Your presence will be a blessing, not just a number ! 


Pastor Monica Pinnock


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