Transforming from a Bible study fellowship in 2006, Rehoboth was launched from Shema Worldwide Christian Ministries, Church Without Walls For All Nations. and planted as a congregation in July 2007.
We began one warm summer Sunday morning with a 7:15 a.m. service since we could not get another time slot in the church where we rented the sanctuary. Under heavy rainfall with about 70 people in attendance and men on the parking lot with large umbrellas sheltering the people from the parking lot to the sanctuary, God showed us great favor. It was after that initial service that our name was changed from Shema to Rehoboth. Since 2007, Rehoboth has been a church where Jesus Christ is worshiped in spirit and in truth and our doors are opened to the world. 

Most of our congregation since that day have been people who have been saved or rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ under the ministry of RCC.
Our first 5 years as a church were strong in missions and outreach, not so much to build our congregation but to see many people come to Christ and placed in a local church. God worked miracles to confirm the work of evangelism. God healed from cancer, healed various sicknesses and diseases, and many other amazing things God did in our midst. We saw a boy who had mysteriously become lame from the waist down get up from the platform of the church and walk as we prayed.  

Over the years we prayed for and witnessed the blessing of the womb, many souls saved and come to Jesus Christ, financial blessings for countless people, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit manifested in all areas of ministry.

RCC is firm on the power of fasting and prayer, most especially the power of corporate prayer as we come together in church and seek the face of God for numerous supplications and requests.
RCC remains a vibrant and dynamic church with a 5-fold focus: 1. Add to the body of Christ  2. Add to our congregation  3. Edify the people  4. Equip the people  5. Empower the people, to the glory of God.
God is still writing the history of Rehoboth Christian Church, not in years but in lives saved, lives transformed, and lives amazed. The history of this great congregation can never be measured  chronologically; it must be recorded miraculously.