Pastor Monica Pinnock, Teacher and Evangelist
Build locally. Think globally. Pray Kingdom. MP      

Just a word of life to the full!

In 2007, sensing God calling me to move from a Bible Study group, I saw a world that needed to know the powerful grace found only in Jesus Christ. In everything we do here at Rehoboth Christian Church, we are moving by that grace in one name...the name of Jesus.

As the founding pastor of this congregation, neither Jesus Christ nor Church is a culture or a Sunday to Sunday activity laden with programs and creative marketing techniques screaming for your attention. Instead, we experience His salvation, deliverance, miracles, signs, wonders, love, healing, joy, peace, prosperity,  transformation and new life in individuals and families. I myself have experienced these same awesome blessings and found that these are the greatest reasons people come to Christ and become the Church. 

"I did not come out of a church background. Jesus himself saved me, called me, and built my foundation up in obedience and His righteousness. He later gave me vision in exchange for sight, and understanding of His kingdom to see what and whom matters most. His precious Holy Spirit moved on my heart night and day. In return I gave Him rule over my life. I have never looked back. I always look forward for the great things God has for our lives."

I personally invite you to come hear what the word of God says about the many glorious things and experiences awaiting you.
 Meet you on Sunday.