MINISTRIES at RCC               "United in the Holy Spirit"



Monica Pinnock

Director of Congregation and Senior Deacon: David Delande


Director of Congregation and Senior Deacon:  Bennie Garrett 

Youth Development Director: 
Sweelyn Lilly

Director of Ministries and
Worship Leader:   
Karen Garrett, Evangelist

Christian Education
Pastor Monica Pinnock

Implementation Strategist and Missions:
Debra Tulloch
Kaye Paisley

FireBrand Prayer Ministry: Wednesday mornings @ 9 a.m.
Sweelyn Lilly, Group Leader
Minister David Delande

Intercessory Prayer: Ist  and 2nd Fridays 7:00 p.m. -8:30 p.m.
Prayer leaders
January through November of each year

Music Ministry: Judah Praisers
Bennie Garrett, Director of Music
Karen Garrett, Director of Worship and Drama 
and their team

FIRE Ministry:
Tordum Bakpo:  Film and Video
Karen Garret: Youth Gift and Talent Development
Bennie Garrett: Youth Music Development
FIRE Dance Ministry team
and others

Youth and Infant Ministries: Sundays:
Sweelyn Lilly--Youth Director
Rossille Delande, Youth Teacher
David Delande, Youth Teacher
Armani Ferguson, Youth Teacher 
Italie Paisley, Youth Teacher in Training
Gabby Henry-Youth Teacher in training
and team

Worship in Dance and Drama Ministry:  Karen Garrett, Advisor:
Vessels of Praise Young Ladies Dance Ministry 
FIRE combined Dance Ministry
Teen Male Dance and Worship Ministry

Helps Ministries: Ushers, Greeters: First Impressions Ministry:
Bennie Garrett, Senior Deacon 
David Delande, Senior Deacon 
and their Helps and Ushers Team

TeenCONNECT---FrontLine Ministry:
Nenubari Bakpo
Munda Sheriff
and team

High School Ministry:

RELENTLESS Young Adult Ministry:
Tordum Bakpo and his team  

Nursery and Infants: "Mothers' Helpers":
Sweelyn Lilly
Teachers and Volunteers

Discipleship and New Converts Ministry:
Martha Amaram

Audio-Visual, Film, Technology: 
David Delande 
Bennie Garrett: Team Directors

Tordum Bakpo--Film and graphics

Nenubari Bakpo 
and their team

Church Organization: 
Rossille Delande

Church Historian:
Debra Tulloch  

Community Outreach : Mission Most Possible 
RCC Ministry Team and members

Treasurer :
Linda Mitchell

Treasury and Finance: 
RCC  Board of Directors