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Every Sunday, people visit churches for various reasons. Some want to be anonymous. They are at church to simply “have a look”, while others are church-shopping, hoping to find a place to connect.

One person is brought to church by someone they know, while another walks in on his/ her own. One is desperate for someone to notice them, while another visitor is praying no one will see them as they come and go. 

We have people ready to engage with visitors. Our team follows up with visitors, but more importantly, our team is about making a genuine connection with the visitors who come to our church.  It is about making sure that people find “home”.

Here are a few tips that will help you as you visit with us:
1. Nice people
The new people team are nice, hospitable people who know how to make genuine connections very quickly. They are like the face of the church to a visitor to make sure that first time visitors are celebrated. 
2. More will come
We will get to know you more as you return to visit with us. 
3. We think about our visitors 
At the end of service, visitors can get to know some of our leaders and get information about our church.

Our aim is to make sure that every visitor that walks into our congregation understands that they are “home” and see them develop a genuine, life-giving relationship with Jesus.

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